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Conduct training at any time effectively, immersive, efficient and minimally hazardous by using VR technology.

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Surgeons can practice treatments in extreme situations without taking a risk for the patient, as no patients are directly involved with VR Technology.

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Military training is prohibitively expensive especially airborne training so it is more cost-effective to use flight simulators with VR technology than actual aircraft.

tictechstudio Educational logo VR for Museum & Exhibitions

The benefit of using VR, guests can feel like they’re understand their different viewpoints and engage in those interactions rather than just observe in a traditional setting.

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Virtual reality allows for all types of gamers and all types of people who just want to have good experiences.

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Immersive visualization of installation, assembly, repair and maintenance processes with VR technology.

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Augmented reality can breathe new life into the classroom, bringing extra creativity, interactivity and engagement to any subject.

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We also accept the services of making instagram AR filters with customization according to what you want.

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Extend the reality with 360 photo and video.

AR Photobooth
Our Product

Take a picture with someone you know, or maybe...you haven't even met before !
By using augmented reality technology, you can bring immersiveness and reality object or character but in virtual way. Our photobooth is often used at weddings, museums and certain events to bring a different and fun experience to visitors.

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Virtual Reality Training
Our Product

Level-Up Your Skill Through Game-Based Learning System
We can conceptualize, design and build your own AR/VR, Interactive Application & System Gamification with customized features for your business.

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